Cycling is a very popular activity at Stone Mountain. Most cyclists ride around Robert E. Lee Boulevard.

Robert E. Lee Boulevard is 4.84 miles (7.78 kilometers) long and quite hilly. 2.72 miles (4.37 kilometers) of the road on the south side of the mountain is one-way (counter-clockwise for vehicles) and the remaining 2.12 miles (3.41 kilometers) is two-way. The one-way section has dedicated running and cycling lanes. Cyclists should travel clockwise around the entire circuit.

An alternate route of 7.1 miles (11.4 kilometers) is possible by combining the 3.8-mile (6.1-kilometer) Stonewall Jackson Drive, a one-mile (1.6-kilometer) section of Jefferson Davis Drive and the 2.3-miles (3.7-kilometer) western side of Robert E. Lee Boulevard. This route is even more hilly than Robert E. Lee Boulevard.

Bikes are not permitted on trails at Stone Mountain except for the PATH trail. Lights and reflectors are required at night.