Evergreen Trails

The Evergreen Hotel has three hiking trails. They are known as Bluebird, Hawk, and Heron. All three share the same trailhead. They are blazed with signs and colored arrows.

Look Out Rock

The Bluebird Trail is the shortest at 0.18 miles (0.28 kilometers) and is nearly level. It is an out-and-back trail with a short loop at the end. It passes by the Look Out Rock and a picnic area. The Bluebird Trail uses blue signs.

Pride Rock

The Hawk Trail is 0.84 miles (1.36 kilometers) long. It uses red signs. It is a loop trail which should be walked in a clockwise direction. The signs are not visible in the other direction. It begins by paralleling the Bluebird Trail and it includes two additional landmarks, Gospel Oaks and Pride Rock, both of which are indicated by signs.

Pride Rock

The Heron Trail is the longest of the three at 1.32 miles (2.13 kilometers) in length. It is blazed in green. The Heron Trail should be followed in a counter-clockwise direction so its signs will be visible. It follows the course of the Hawk Trail (but in the opposite direction) and then adds a loop trail to the west.

Gospel Oaks

The Evergreen Nature Trails are not well-marked, especially the Heron Trail. Making this worse is the great inaccuracy of the trail map. The map in the app is much more accurate.