Picnicking is a very popular activity at Stone Mountain, where you will find large, dedicated picnic areas as well as many smaller picnic areas and isolated picnic tables.

Studdard Picnic Area

The largest picnic area is the Studdard Picnic Area located on the north side of the mountain to the east of the carving and Memorial Lawn area. This is a vast picnic area with grills.

Triangle Picnic Area

The next largest picnic area is the Triangle Picnic Area, which is located on the north side of the mountain to the west of the Crossroads area and adjacent to the Triangle Parking Lot.

Grist Mill Picnic Area

Another picnic area is near the Grist Mill at the Robert E. Lee Boulevard turnaround on the east side of the mountain.

A picnic table on Indian Island

There are picnic tables in many areas such as along hiking trails. Indian Island has many picnic tables, for example. The halfway hut along the Walk-Up Trail also has picnic tables and there are several at the playground.

Picnic tables along the Walk-Up Trail