Weldon Wright

Due to dangerous conditions, this is a restricted area by order of the Stone Mountain Memorial Association. Ordinance 2-110

During the 1840s, Weldon Wright blasted a recessed trail across the northwest face of the mountain, installing safety railing at the most exposed portions. For 25 cents, brave customers could venture out onto the trail for a harrowing walk. While further extending the trail in 1846, Mr. Wright fell to his death when some blasting powder exploded before he could get far enough away.

While the railings have been removed, the walkway is still clearly visible, even in satellite photos. The fence around the summit area prohibits visitors from reaching the path today, but part of it is visible from from above 33°48'29.60"N 84°8'58.12"W.

The end of the trail is located at 33°48'30.46"N 84°8'52.19"W.

Looking down at Weldon Wright's trail from above (from 33°48'29.60"N 84°8'58.12"W)

Weldon Wright's trail viewed from the west end

A very scary (and illegal) climb today with no handrail

Elias Nour climbing down to Weldon Wright's Trail

Elias Nour at Weldon Wright's Trail