When to Visit

Stone Mountain has four distinct seasons and each one has its own interesting characteristics.

Springtime on Connecting Trail 6

In spring, everything is growing and beautiful colors are everywhere.

In summer, it is hot and sometimes humid but the mountain is vibrant with life.

In autumn, Confederate Yellow Daisies make their spectacular appearance, and in late October to early November the fall colors transform the landscape.

In winter, many evergreen trees continue to provide color. The summit can be windy and cold, especially in the morning.

Fall colors at Venable Lake

The carving is on the north face, so it gets the most sunlight on the longer days of the summer when the sun rises and sets farthest to the north.

Carving at summer solstice sunrise

Try not to visit on a rainy day if you plan to climb the mountain as it is just too slippery. The walk-up trail is on the mountain's ridge and so it dries out quickly, but the sides of the mountain, where the Cherokee Trail crosses, can remain slippery for days after a significant rainfall. But the hiking trails have a unique atmosphere in the rain and are well protected by trees, and foggy days provide a unique appearance. All of this is worth experiencing.

A foggy summit

The park is open from 5:00 AM to midnight daily.