Carving History Photos

Gutzon Borglum receives a ceremonial drill bit

Gutzon Borglum viewing a projection of his design

Airbrushed carving depicting Borglum's design

Members of Borglum's crew. Note the angle of the mountain.

Borglum's completed head of Robert E. Lee

Borglum's luncheon on Lee's shoulder. Gutzon Borglum is at the left and his son, Lincoln, is at the upper right.

Borglum's luncheon on Lee's shoulder.

This 1924 photo shows how Borglum left the carving.

Augustus Lukeman (center)

Lukeman's model

Ladders from both top and bottom of mountain

1928 photo of Lukeman's work with Borglum's heads above

The original head of Jefferson Davis

Lukeman inspecting the revised head of Jefferson Davis

Lukeman's unfinished carving as it sat for thirty-five years

Hancock's first task was the carving of Stonewall Jackson in 1964.

Close-up of Jackson before patching.

Elevator visible to right of carving

Working on Traveller's head patch as the carving nears completion

Three ways to reach the carving